Make Your Home Spooktacular!


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Are you hosting a Halloween Party this year? Here are a few decorating ideas to get you inspired.


Simple, yet festive, mantle decorations are sure to put the finishing touch on your home.


Don’t give up on your summer potted plants quite yet! Create a cute pumpkin masterpiece with household items.


Tired of all the messy pumpkin guts? Try painting your pumpkins for a safer and cleaner solution for your family tradition.


Halloween doesn’t have to be gory and spooky! This pumpkin is sure to be a hit on the front porch or the table at your halloween bash.


Are you hosting a party? Here are some cool ideas to set your party apart from the rest. The dry ice witches brew punch is always a hit at my house!


Interior Design Tip of the Week


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Have you been thinking about changing that drab and totally outdated chandelier in your home? Here’s a tip that will help your selection process when you are ready to get out of the dark ages. (No pun intended)

Choosing the proper size chandelier for the space is important for both balance and function. Start by adding the room’s length and width in feet, then use the sum (converted to inches) as a guide for the best diameter for the new chandelier.


11’+13’=26′ (sum of room’s length and width)

26′–>26″ (converted to inches)

26″ is the desired chandelier diameter for the example space.

For a more grand look, you can always select a larger diameter chandelier! (Sometimes less isn’t more!)

As a general rule, chandelier length should be 2-3″ per foot of wall height.

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10 Stunning Bedroom Ideas for 2015


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As we move into a new year, you may be looking for a way to update your bedroom into a space that fits your personality, style and function. The following pictures are sure to get your creative juices flowing to help create that perfect bedroom for 2015.

1. Brick Wall Chateau


2. Clean and Crisp

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3. Elegant Sophistication


4. Transitional Masculine

Bedroom Furniture from Ikea - 1

5. Clean and Cosmopolitan


6. Practical and Cozy


7. Modern Flare

CENTURY FURNITURE SHOWROOM AZ DESIGN CENTER - Lynda Quintero-Davids - Focal Point Styling (14)

8. Rustic Lux


9. Chic and Youthful


10. Traditional Elegance


Bonus (Since we all know just 10 ideas is hard to stay within!)


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